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sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012


One day, more specifically on Halloween, I wasn't sure what to wear. I have to go to the party of my youngest cousin, which was a shame for me ... But could not get "normal". So, I put some weird clothes and ... rings! Then, they gave a new appearance to the look. I have many rings, and I love using them. Who doesen't like?

Kiss, Maria

Planet Earth is dirty

We must protect our environment! The distruction of plants and animals is reality and we aren't doing anithing to stop this. There are many problems: the destruction of the ozone layer, the extinction of animals and plants, and the pullution of rivers and oceans.
We need clean water, so we must stop polluting our rives.
We must protect our florests so that the animals can live freely in their natural habitat.
Firts of all, we can start individually, and later, with groups. Let's change our habits and start recycling paper, glass, plastic and metal. We can save the water and we sould never throw rubbish on the floor. I never throw rubbish on the floor!

Good work, Maria :)

quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012

My Best Friend

The man's best friend, is undoubtedly the dog. When I say man, I mean the whole human race. But there are many different types of dogs. One more brave, others more friendly. One more restless, others quieter. The dog knows how much, if trained, which makes it very funny. There are special dogs. Dogs who know the sadness of the owner, his happiness. As an example, Tim, the dog's character "Jo" in the books of the collection, "Five" by Enid Blyton is gentle, kind, and always know if the owner is sad or happy. It is very important to have a best friend who can tell everything, I think the dog is right. My dog ​​Sancho was a little jittery at first, but started to train him and knows him better so that I ended up sympathizing with him than wide. If you want to buy a pet, buy a dog :)
Big kisses, Maria.

The Book of "Five"

My dog Sancho

quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2012

New York

New York is the one of the most important cities of the USA. More than 8 million people live and work there. And every year, millions of tourists come to visit it.
There are a lot of famous attractions to see - for example, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Wall Street in Manhattan.Wall Street is a very important financial center.
Another very famous building is the Empire State Building - it's very tall. You can enjoy the view of the whole city from there.
If you want to go shopping , you can visit Macy's - at Macy's you can buy almost anything you want!
In the center of Manhattan there is a big park called Central Park. This is the favourite place for people to jog, ride their bikes, play ball, have picnics and a lot of others activities.

Have a nice day, 
Kiss, MARIA :)

Statue of Liberty

Macy's Store

Central Park

Times Square

sexta-feira, 20 de abril de 2012

Sydney » Australia

Sydney is Australia's most important city, but it isn't the capital city. The capital city is Canberra. The weather in Sydney is usually very good. There are many famouse places to visit, like the Bondi beach, teh Opera House and the Sidney Harbour Brige. And of course, you can se koalas and kangaroos at Taronga Zoo.
There are a lot of good places to eat in Sydney. There are resturants for every culture and taste in the world. But Australians also really love barbecues - they call tem "barbies".

Barbie favourites:
  •  Shrimp
  • Steak
  • "Snags" - sausages
When you visit Sydney with your family, try the Lagoon Resturant for a special dinner. They've got  a wonderful seafood menu - king prawns, lobsters, crabs and fish from the deep oceans of Western Australia.
You can find the resturant near Wollongong Beach and Stuart Park.

Kiss, Maria ;)

Sydney - Australia

Harbour Brige

Opera House

Lagoon Resturant

Wollongong Beach

sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Toronto City

Toronto is the city with the largest population in Canada.
Many people think that Toronto is one of the best cities in the world to live in. I visited it a few years ago. It's a friendly city, it's very clean and there are a lot of thinks to do and see.

Toronto Zoo is the third biggest zoo in the world. Over 5,000 animals live there! You can find some of them in tropical pavilions; these pavilions are just like animals own natural habitat.
The zoo has got a special conservation division. Many specialists work there to find ways of conserving animals in the natural world. The zoo is a place you sould plane to visit when you go to Toronto City.

Kiss, Maria :)

Easy Recipes

Burgers - select the best ingredients!

Most of us love them. But sometimes they are dry, they don't have much flavour, and sometimes (most of them) they aren't healthy. Here are some tips to bring your burgers from "good" to "great":

     - the best meat is beef;
     - use turkey or chicken;
     - vegetables are excellent - tomatoes, onions, and lettuce;
     - use low fat cheese because it melts and is full of flavour - choose cheese made from 2% milk;
     - get the grill or pan really hot and don't use oil.

Have a nice meal! :)
Maria Vaz

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Funny Videos :)

Hello! Today, April starts with a little bit of rain here in Portugal. Hey, did you know that today is the April's Fool's Day? I've invented a lot of matches to my friends! My suggestion for this week is to watch some funny videos interpertados by Sims2, and 3. Lately, I have had nothing to do this holiday, I take and I walking through the Port, which are the beautiful views! Sometimes not even notice that the world revolves around us! Well, you should wonder why I have not been much to blog, I'll tell you: I've been busy with Project "READ" to a Foundation for Support of Reading, for those who can not read. And you say, "but then has nothing to do?" True, but sometimes when a person writes what comes to mind, and in recent weeks, I do not tenhem called to go help a lot. I hope you enjoy the videos. Many kisses, and a good week! Maria (:


Olá! Hoje, começa o mês de Abril com um pouco de chuva em Portugal. Ei, sabias que hoje é o dia das Mentiras? Eu inventei muitas partidas para os meus amigos! A minha sugestão para esta semana é que assistam a alguns vídeos engraçados interpertados pelos Sims2, e 3. Ultimamente, não tenho tido nada para fazer nestas férias, aproveito e vou passeando pelo Porto, que bonitas são as vistas! Por vezes nem reparamos no mundo que gira à nossa volta! Bom, vocês devem estranhar porque é que eu não tenho vindo muito ao Blog, eu conto-vos: Tenho andado ocupada com o Project "READ" para uma Fundação de Apoio à Leitura, para aqueles que não sabem ler. E vocês dizem, "mas e então não tem nada que fazer?" É bem verdade, mas por vezes uma pessoa escreve no momento o que lhe vem à cabeça, e nas últimas semanas, não me tenhem chamado muito para os ir ajudar. Espero que gostem dos vídeos. Muitos beijinhos, e uma boa semana! Maria (:
and that's enough....!
e já chega...!